I'm Struggling

At a time in my life where it looks like things are going well for me, I am struggling. Anxiety has overwhelmed me and all I can see are the hurdles and blocks that are in the path to where I want to be. I've grown tired of repeating the same old mantra of, "everything will be alright/work out." I don't have the energy to even think that way.

When one goal is accomplished; obstacle surpassed, more show up and even threaten the good thingsthat were just done. "Well, that's life," you may say. "Stay positive and keep going," you still quip. I know these platitudes. I've said them to you and to myself. And therein lies the conundrum. These platitudes hold some grains of truth, yet my energy is faltering and my grip is slipping. 

I've been doing this new chapter/life change mostly on my own because it's, ultimately, for no one else but me. I've reached out for some help, but I've found that the help is lacking, or comes with strings, or I'm not bad off enough to receive it. So, that leaves me to keep plugging along as I walk the tightrope strung between barely doing better and complete and utter failure. I'm exhausted. My brain screams at me, "Where is your help? You've helped others, even when you could barely help yourself! Yet, you're on your own now. Why didn't you take care of yourself? This shit about karma and what you put out to the universe...blah, blah, blah, it's all a fucking farce!" It goes on to say, "Just give up. You've gone this long, and shit still is fucked. What's the point?"

Why am I putting this out for the world to see? Why am I putting this into the universe? It totally flies in the face of what I preach and say I believe. I'm human. I struggle. I am struggling. Maybe it'll help me. Maybe it'll help someone else. Maybe it's a fruitless exercise and these words will just float away never to be seen. Whatever. At least for a small period of time they are not in my head and that's at least a small about of relief from the anxiety that is threatening to cripple and possibly kill me.